30FIRST was founded by a team of dreamers, committed to living our best lives while helping others do the same, which is why we’ll contribute 5% of Net Revenue to charitable causes benefiting urban youth development. 

Our origin begins with our Founder and Chief Executive Dreamer, Nef. He was born in Los Angeles to a single mother from Arkansas, whose family migrated West hoping to escape the racial terrorism of the South. This decision allowed Nef and his brothers to be born in a state rich with opportunity, and where their ambition would be rewarded with success never-before imagined in their family.

As Nef came of age, his dreams sprung from an eclectic mix of his inner-city life combined with weekend trips to Hermosa Beach, holiday visits to The Bay Area, and summer camps spent on Catalina Island. His passions are as varied as is his native state’s cultural tapestry.  

As Nef journeyed, he met other like-minded dreamers; folks who believe in a world of possibility, social justice, and beauty. Together, they have launched 30FIRST to create dope clothes and experiences that are an homage to the thirty-first state’s natural and cultural abundance, and to help feed the dreams of the next generation of urban youth.

Our message: it’s still OK to dream, and we are here to help make those dreams come true.